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tank 3
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tank 3.1 screenshot Tank 3 is the predecessor of Tank sQuad

Changes v.3.15:
- using DirectX 8.0 Changes v3.14:
- changed zoom
- made the terrain
rendering faster by
precalculating lighting
Changes v3.13:
- made it compilable with MS Visual C++.
Changes v3.12:
- more detailed mission orders
- the game is paused in menus
- the missions are easier, especially the first two missions.
Changes v3.1:
- sometimes there is snow
- the ground textures are a lot more detailed
- some other textures have a higher resolution now
- trilinear filtering.
- got the framerate higher

downloadDownload Tank 3 for DirectX 8.0 (1.0 MB)

Tank 3 Compiling FAQ

downloadDownload Tank 3 Mission Editor with source code for Delphi(216 KB)

Earlier / beta versions:

downloadDownload Tank 3.14 for DirectX 7.0 (1.0 MB)

tank 3.0 screenshot Tank 3.0

downloadDownload Tank 3.0 (782 KB)

tank 3 beta 10.0 screenshot Beta 10:
- higher menu texture resolution
- different camera perspective (looks more like 3d)
- intro
- debugged and improved the mission editor
- fixed bugs in particles, turret movement, mouse in edges
- removed a source of game crashes.

tank 3 beta 9 screenshot Beta 9:
- changed missions a bit,
- other minor changes
- included a mission editor

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta 9.0 (543 KB)

tank 3 beta 8 screenshot Beta 8:
- more missions
- more 3D-Objects, including houses and civil cars
- improved sound effects
- better hardware detection, Voodoo2 should be detected correctly.
- many minor changes

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta 8.0 (325 KB)

tank 3 beta 7 screenshot Beta 7:
- added more tank types and missions
- improved framerate a bit.

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta7.1 (251 KB)

tank 3 beta 6.2 screenshot Beta 6.2:
- i''ve finally included an interface to control the tanks
- improved collision detection
- added sound.
- made 3 missions (more to come in the next versions).

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta 6.2

tank 3 beta 5 screenshot Beta 5:
- you can again move one tank with the arrow keys and shoot with the space key
- i''ve upgraded the game to the newer DirectX 7 drivers. That makes the game more compatible with newer 3d hardware.
- implemented trees (it was not easy to draw partly transparent trees AND transparent explosions AND smoke without graphics errors)
- collision detection.

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta 5

tank 3 beta 4 screenshot Beta 4:
- you can again move one tank with the arrow keys and shoot with the space key
- exlosions have been greatly improved. Light effects for explosions and bullets have been added.
- Evening scene ambient light.
- not speed-optimized yet, so I suggest a 3d-accelerator card and at least a Celeron processor.

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta 4

tank 3 beta 3 screenshot Beta 3:
- in this demo you can move one of four tanks (use arrow keys) and shoot the others (space key)
- with small explosions (will be greatly improved in the next versions)
- the turrets are moving in two directions now
- the graphics are at 800x600 and bilinear filtered, so you should use a 3d-accelerator card (still works without...)
- terrain textures change when you drive over the terrain

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta 3

Beta 2:
This beta version shows a tank, which is moving (use the arrow keys!) and another one aiming at it. The graphics are currently not very detailed and the resolution is low for testing purposes. It will get better in the next versions!

downloadDownload Tank 3 beta 2

DirectX test:
This is a program to test DirectX, lighting and Tank 3.0''s 3d-objects format. It shows a spinning tank with light effects of a low evening sun (how romantic...).

tank3 directx downloadDownload directx test (ca. 11,3 KB)

DirectX quad test:
After I finally got DirectX running, I wrote this example of a textured moving quad. It already includes a Z-Buffer.

downloadDirectX Quad test+Source (6 KB)

tank 3 beta 1 terrain Beta 1 with benchmarks:
This is my first attempt to get terrain graphics. This demo uses direct GDI graphics, not DirectX. The demo shows just the terrain. Additionally, benchmarks of other programming languages (Delphi) are included. (some of that programs don''t work)

downloadTank 3.0 beta1(ca. 210 KB)

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