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nebula howto
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Starting a game

When you start Nebula.exe you first see some hints and a starship following your mouse. Read the hints, they are quite useful. When you are ready, click 'Game/New...' in the menu. You will see the first Chapter of the story scrolling through the window. Read it or, if you have read it already, just doubleclick inside the window to skip it. Now you see lots of squares, bars and lines and you probably don't know right what to do.

The funny squares, bars and lines

The squares are bases. The blue ones are your bases, the red ones are the deldarian bases, and the green ones (later in the game) are the kyonian bases. You will see one or more bars next to the bases. They show, how many spaceships are stationed at the base. The left bar shows the number of fighters, the middle bar shows the number of bombers (if you don't have bombers, there will be no middle bar) and the right bar shows the number of destroyers. You also see some 'moving' lines with a small square at the end. The small squares are groups of spaceships. A line is drawn from the spaceships to the base, where they fly to.

How to start

The best in the beginning is to let the computer AI play a bit. To let him play, select 'AI/Do Tactics' and 'AI/Do Battles' in the menu and the computer will send your ships towards the enemy. You will notice that dark blue lines are drawn from your bases to the bases the computer sends the ships. These lines show, where new ships will be sent. Every new ship that comes to the base is directly sent to the next planet following the dark blue line. So you don't have to send every single new ship explicitely. 'AI/Do Tactics' causes that the computer moves your ships in the Tactics mode. 'AI/Do Battles' causes, that the computer gives them fighting orders in the battle mode, which will be explained later.

How to command ships in the tactics mode

After you watched the computer for a while, you may want to command your ships yourself. Before you do this, you should disable 'AI/Do Tactics' in the menu. Now you can command ships by selecting the base, where the ships are, pressing the 'm' key or selecting 'Move ships to' in the Orders window, and clicking the destination base. All following ships arriving at the base will be sent to the destination base as well. There is another way to command ships, which is done the same way, but by pressing the 't'-key instead of the 'm'-key. This way you can send ships, but following ships will not be sent to the same destination. You can also disable the order, that all following ships are sent to a destination base by selecting a base, pressing the 'm'-key and selecting the same base again. So the ships will stay at the base and you can collect some ships for an attack.

Defending your bases

You probably have noticed, that two fighters always stay at your bases. You can change this in the orders window in the 'Defenders' section. You can select no fighters to defend to ten fighters. Note that, if you leave no fighters in the base, it will be conquered at once, if the enemy sends a ship to this base.

The Battle Mode

You can enter the battle mode by doubleclicking an attacked base. Now you see your spaceships and the enemys spaceships fighting agains each other. If soe of your fighters stay where they are motionless, while the enemy is attacking you, you maybe don't have 'AI/Do Battles' selected yet. You can also command the ships yourself by disabling 'AI/Do Battles' and using the orders-menu or by clicking and commanding the ships in 'command&conquer'-style.

Advanced tactics

Now, as you know the basic rules of the game, I'll give you some tactics hints. 1. Use the defense settings. Two Fighters as a defense may be good in many situations, but in bases, where no enemy is near, you can set it down to zero, while you could increase it in some other regions where you are attacked. 2. Try to conquer the bases at the left of your region first, while you can loose some of your bases over your region. So the Kyonians (green) will attack the Deldarians (red) first, when they enter the Battlefield.

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