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"AdSy" is an abbreviation of "adaptive system".
It's -simplified- a system, that tries to imitate things that a human does. It can be used in many different programs and games.

First of all, there's "adsy.pas", a unit file for Pascal, which you can use to implement AdSy into your programs (if you're programming in pascal...).
Then there's nn.exe (Sourcecode:nn.pas) to show a simple learning process (very technical).
The most intersting is "testgame.exe". It shows, how AdSy learns a tennis game. At the beginning of the program, it catches no balls at all. Slowly it learns to move like the left tennis player (simple tennis algorithm). So it gets more and more balls. In the end the right, learning player gets all balls. This program runs accelerated, because the learning player needs quite a lot of time to learn, what the left one does.

downloaddownload AdSy.zip (programs, library and source code for pascal) (ca. 59 KB)

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