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tank 3 compilation faq
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I'll explain the important facts about compiling Tank 3 with Microsoft Visual C++ here. Other IDE's like Borland C++ and Dev-C++ are similar, but things are at different locations.

What do I need to compile Tank 3?

You need Microsoft Visual C++ or a similar compiler. There's a free IDE called "Dev-C++" on www.bloodshed.net. You also need the DirectX SDK from www.microsoft.com (Version 8.0 or higher).

How do I include the DirectX SDK into Visual C++?

This answer is for Visual C++. Other IDEs have similar machanisms.
1. Install the DirectX SDK. I'll assume you've installed it to c:\mssdk for now.
2. Go into Visual C++, open the "extras" menu and choose "options". Go to the "Folders" section. Choose "include files" in the right listbox. Now add "c:\mssdk\include" to the folder list and move the new entry to the top of the list. Next, choose "library files" in the listbox and add "c:\mssdk\lib" to the folder list and move the new entry to the top of the list.

When this is done, you can compile the game.

There's still a question you haven't answered

ok, then drop me a mail and ask me!

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